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This post is made because i could not find a simple guide how to do this for a first gen. And it take's me to long to find the sollution every time again ;)

p.s. Make sure that the headlights are turned off.

  1. How to reset service oil light Acura TSX 2004
  2. Unlock the car
  3. Open the door
  4. Get in the car.
  5. Press and hold the brake pedal.
  6. Press and hold the milage trip meter reset button
  7. Insert car key.
  8. Turn to II, just before you start the car. Making the accessories go on
  9. Wait until the service light goes off.
  10. Enjoy the rest of you life.
  11. p.s.s. Again make sure the headlights are turned off.. i learned the hard way.
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