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This is a very straight forward procedure, and the only thing that might be a pain is removing hub bolts. I had one on each side that became a royal PITA to remove. I discovered my rear rotors were slightly warped, so I replaced them during this procedure.

Step one: disconnect the brake caliper & bracket. The bracket has two 14mm bolts. You can choose whether you want to remove the rear bolt where the parking brake cable connects, but I left it on and just pushed the caliper out of the way. I didn't hang it because there were enough suspension arms that I could just set it on one and it wouldn't move.

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Once the caliper and bracket are out of the way, there are four 14mm bolts holding the hub. Recommend hitting both sides with a liquid penetrant, then grabbing a cup of coffee to let it soak I bought a fairly strong 3/8" impact gun specifically to work on the brakes and rear suspension of the TSX. My half inch wouldn't fit unless I disconnected half of the suspension arms. The 3/8" barely fits. I used several different length extensions to reach the bolts, and ended up having to use a flex arm (which I finally destroyed) to get the last bolt off. My recommendation: do what ever it takes to get those out.

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Once those bolts are out, the hub slides out very easily.

My replacement hubs were Timken #HA590019, and the box said it was made in Japan. (Thank you Rock Auto!) I'll spare the website from uploading a picture of the

Here is a picture of the back of the hubs.
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The service manual calls for the hub bolts to be torqued to 47 lb-ft (64 Nm).
This picture shows the hub secured and properly torqued. One note: I removed the dust shield on the first replacement, but it wasn't required. I didn't remove it on the second job. The hub will clear it without removal. But if you want to replace the dust shields, you will have to remove the hubs. I believe the caliper mounting bracket requires 54 lb-ft of torque.

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Now everything is done except cleaning the front side of the rotor, and installing the wheel.
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Recommend allotting an entire afternoon to replace both hubs. What should have taken about an hour per side turned into a 2.5 hour job for the first hub, and a 2 hour job for the second thanks to bolts that didn't want to be removed.

Putting everything together through installing the wheel took about 15 minutes, and that included rechecking the torque specs for each bolt. This isn't a difficult job for any DIY person to complete. Just be prepared for a little frustration with some of these bolts. Make sure the socket is squarely on the bolt before hitting the impact gun trigger, otherwise you risk the possibility of rounding the bolt head.
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