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DIY Seafoam Treatment (cleaner engine = better MPG + more)

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* Cleans fuel injectors
* Cleans carburetor jets
* Cleans carbon
* Stabilizes fuels
* Upper cylinder lube
* Removes moisture in fuel
* De-icer
* Frees sticky lifters
* Frees sticky rings
* Removes moisture in oil
* Cleans P.C.V. systems
* Cleans catalytic converter odors
* Oxygen sensor safe
Basically cleans our carbon deposits in your engine.

Disclaimer: Using Seafoam wrong will mess up your car. Use with caution and at your own risk. My DIY is a quick guide but read the seafoam instructions and follow them carefully.

1) Find the brake booster line (outlined in yellow). I disconnected mine near the actually intake manifold instead of at the break booster (I circled two points, just use whichever is easier).

2) I pre-poured about 1/3 of the pint of Seafoam into a disposable plastic cup.
3) I started the car and then slowly let the brake line suck in the seafoam from my plastic cup. I poured very slow. Took about 1:30 - 2 minutes for me to drain the cup.
4) When all the seafoam is gone turn off your engine.
5) Wait 5 minutes
6) Turn car back on and drive around for a couple of minutes. If your car is really dirty, you'll have nasty black clouds coming form your exhaust. With 50k miles on my car, I didn't see anything. Guess that's a good thing, just not very satisfying. My friends old crappy Oldsmobile probably put a hole in the O-Zone layer on its own.
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Looking forward to this DIY as I have just cleared 133k miles, I'm kinda worried that I'm going to scare the neighbors with the smoke plume that I am likely to cause. All good though, noticed diminishing MPG's so this will hopefully address that.
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