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Hey everyone,

So for the past 4 days I've noticed a very abrupt noise coming from my engine bay during idle. Here are a few things I should point out:

- Car is at 215xxx KM; regular maintenance always done
- Automatic Transmission
- Only happens during idle when car is in "Drive" or "D2/D3" position
- Noise goes away as soon as acceleration pedal is use
- Once every 10 idles, the noise will go away then come back the next idle
- RPM is constant @ 750 (normal)
- Car cabin vibrates a little bit during idle; as well as acceleration pedal
- Left the car in "Drive" position with E-Brake up, checked engine and noticed a lot of engine movement (as well as rad, air box, etc)
- All filters are brand new and oil is fresh, no real sign of spark plug wear (but that may be the problem?)

Here is a video describing the noise:

2004 TSX - Engine Noisee - Possibly the Engine Mounts? - YouTube

I was basically thinking it's my engine mounts, I have no tools at my house anymore to check them directly. From visual looks, it seems a bit worn on the outside, but who knows how the inside of the mounts are (cracked, etc). I would also assume it's the front and/or rear mounts as the whole engine block and things connected to it vibrate during idle while car is in "Drive" position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can narrow it down and let me mechanic know roughly what it is so I can describe it a bit better.

Thanks everyone!

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Tough for me to say. It sounds like it could be. Have someone put the car in Drive and reverse and give it some gas while holding the brake. By putting a load on the engine it will get it to twist more and should show if you have extremely weak or broken motor mounts.

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