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Do you buy air inflator for your tire ?

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I believe it is good practice to make sure the tires are properly inflated.
In light of that, I am wondering whether I should buy an air inflator so I can
make sure that it is at the right pressure all the time.

I could do it in the gas station, but paying $0.5 everytime I do it eventually caught up with the price of the inflator.

Any comments ?

Thanks in advance.

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Damn you guys gotta pay to use a tyre/air inflator? That's gotta be a joke. How can people charge for a simple self-service necessity. :confused:

We don't get charge in Australia, such amenities are available at any service station for free. But I find the accuracy of service station air pumps to be quite inaccurate, often a few PSI off either more or less depending on how well the equipment is taken care of.

I personally have an air compressor along with many other pneumatic tools in my garage to cater for such basic maintenance. Those hand-held air inflators with a guage to measure the reading are quite ideal if you're constantly on the move or need accurate readings - (IE - Trackdays, Sprintdays).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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