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Do you think all-weather rubber floor mats ruin the look of the interior at all?

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Yes, I am keeping the car lol.

I bought OEM rubber floor mats and my dad thinks it ruins the luxuriousness of the interior. I want to keep them to keep the car cleaner but I don't want to alter the slick look of the interior. What do you think?
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My car came with the OEM trunk tray and OEM all season floor mats. I have ebony interior and it compliments it wonderfully.
i'm using the oem mats year long, keeps everything clean and u can just take it off and wash at the car wash. it does leave some small hole on the original carpet cause of the grip, but its removable with a good brush.

note that i have black mats on black interior so they don't stand out that much. but i rather have a clean floor and than one with dirt that would require vacuming.

imo, its not the mats thats going to ruin the luxury lol unless you drive shoeless haha
I love the all weather rubber mats. They are black and have held up great
I'd say they don't ruin the look, plus the protection keeps everything neat and they're easy to wash
My car came with the oem mats and trunk tray and I love them because they keeps the car clean. :)
I'd say that the all weather mats make it look better as the carpet mats are pretty cheap mats.
I think the exact opposite.

All weather floor mats look sexy compared to the carpet mats!
I love my oem all weathers. I have the Tan interior and initially bought the black ones since the tans were discontinued. I didnt really feel they went well, so I hunted down a set of new Tan all weather mats and love them to death! They are easy to clean up and keep the interior carpets in alot nicer shape.
Awesome, I think they match nicely as well. I'm definitely keeping them. Now if I can only get rid of the rubber smell
I use them in the winter. I take them out in the summer. Mind you I have beige interior so it's hard to clean.
I think it does ruin the interiors "luxury" aura. Rubber mats look better in trucks and SUV's. Of course, if you live in a place that gets a nasty winter, they may be of use for several months out of the year. I say cloth looks nicest.
I agree with most of these guys. I think the all weather mats look better and are a lot easier to clean.
I have ebony interior and it compliments it wonderfully.
I have ebony interior and it compliments it wonderfully.
+1 on this. Doesn't ruin the interior at all. I want to keep my car clean, and these mats help me do just that.
+1 on the AW matt love. I need to get me some brand new black ones along with a trunk tray.
We just traded in our 2006 TSX, which had regular carpet-type mats, for a 2012 TSX which came with the black rubber. My wife, who will be the primary driver, loves the rubber ones but I have to say my initial impression was: Ugh... reminds me of my old Beetle from the 70s.
I have a black Tsx w/ tan interior and personally love the look of the black all weather mats in my car.
I think the all seasons aren't as luxurious. But the carpeted mats aren't as functional either. Imagine a carpeted floor in a room vs. a rubber one. Carpet is just nicer. Especially in the summer when people and sometimes myself take off flip flops and go barefoot, it's nicer having the carpet under foot. That said...

I use them in the winter.
I also do this. The rubber mats aren't as "nice", but are useful in their own way. All seasons in the slushier, colder months, and carpeted in the warmer months. I love them both for their own reasons. This is also my only "winter mode" and "summer mode" change. :cool: Rocking the all seasons as I type this actually.
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