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Doesn't seem normal -- pics (tophats?)

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I've noticed a sporadic clunk that seems to be coming from the drivers' side rear over some, but not all, bumps. Today I decided to take a look at the top of the shock and see if one of the nuts was loose. Below is what I found:

I checked the passenger side and it's similar. The drivers' side seems to have a bit more side-to-side play.

What do I need in order to fix this? Koni yellows with Tein H-Tech's all around.

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The clunk has become less sporadic, and more "FML this is getting bad".

I happened to be at my daughters' jujitsu lessons and its next to a shop that does alignments. I stopped in at closing time and asked them to take a look at the pics and see what they thought the clunk was. They say it's 99.99% likely to be the upper strut mounts (the metal 'cup' and rubber not seen in the picture but whose bolts are seen sticking up from the shock area in the picture, with the single nut holding each one on).

I guess I need to order them up and uninstall/reinstall the rear suspension accordingly. ARGH. I might as well fix my camber kits too (installed akwardly such that they cannot be adjusted more than -2*... so I still have some mad camber). Then alignment time.
might be a little late but, the rubber deflection bumps looks to be installed incorrectly (should cone up).
Yup, that's what the problem was. I replaced those (correctly), as well as the tophats and rubber insulators (rings) that the spring sits in within the tophat. All is solid and quiet now!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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