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DOHCtor88 06 PWP TSX Picture Trail *Update 9/22/2011* Door Visors Installed

DOHCtor88 Premium White Pearl 2006 Acura TSX Picture Trail!

I purchased my 06 Acura TSX on May 2011. 5AT black interior with Navigation and HFL Bluetooth. The car had 105,000 miles when I got it out the door.

I was planning on just leaving it bone stock for daily driving but now I am going to start modify the car to look nice for daily. So I will post progress pictures when I make new mofication done to my car. I hope you guys will enjoy.

So far I only switch the License Plate Bulb to LED, K&N Drop in Air Filter, NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs, and removed the "Acura" "TSX" badge.

You Socal'ers better start spotting me soon!!! Look for the debadge emblems and the "California State Sheriffs Association" license plate frame. :)

Modification Plans:
-Retint Window Front & Rear Windows
-Mini Trunk Lid
-Weather Tech Door Visors
-LED Bulbs for Interior
-4300k HID foglights
-Mugen SS Showa Suspension
-Camber Kit
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Power Slotted Rotors
-Chrome Honda front & rear debadge
-Accord Euro R front Grill
-Accord door sills
-Honda Air Airbag
-06-08 Euro R Lip kit
-JDM/Euro Headlights
-18x8 Rims, still deciding on which rims and offset

When I first got my car

What my TSX currently looks likes

Stay tuned!

x T S X x
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Haha I still yet need to create a thread on my car. I've already posted my Pops 2nd Gen...

Looking clean!!! But u still need a true detail, hit me up!

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Nice pick up. especially when it's rare to come across a white TSX with black interior.

Good Luck on the build man, you got a good list of parts for the car.
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