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Don't Think I'd Buy One...

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Shelburg tries again

David Shelburg, an Arizona businessman, is signing up new dealers and has announced plans to begin selling cars and trucks from China in the U.S. this fall, reports USA Today, although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that his company, China Motor, has not yet even started the complicated safety approval process with the federal government. 75-year-old Shelburg, who this time intends to import two SUVs, two pickups, and two cars (possibly supplied by Geely) has tried unsuccessfully several other times in the past ten years to sell Chinese vehicles in this country.
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Hmmm...I'm not sure I'd get one yet... At least not till they've established a good safety and reliability record
I might buy one and get rid of the japanese cars I have. Gotta support China....though reliablity is unknown.
2004_Acura_TSX said:
I might buy one and get rid of the japanese cars I have. Gotta support China....though reliablity is unknown.
right on my brotha.
When I worked for the "world' largest semiconductor manufacturer" I made a trip to Beijing and saw cars that were down right scary! I also so cars that were comical, front nose clips from BMWs with rear ends from MBs?

Hell, I even saw one that had a front on both ends!? They would copy everything including software, fashion accecessories, videos, you name it. In many respects it reminded me of Japan during the early 60's when everyone laughed at them for copying everything and producing junk.

I bet China will become a force to be reckoned with and through technology will make the leap far quicker than Japan did. However, it will take at least 10 years for them to get it right.

A great example is Korea and Hyundai, their products were a joke when they were first introduced in the US back in the mid 80's. I know, I used to pick my nephew up every week at the dealer because his Excel died due to unknown electrical issues.

To this day, he is the only one I know who actually made money from a $1000 extended warranty. The dealer spent over $3000 in repairs for an $8500 car! Eventually, even he got fed up and dumped it because a warranty ain't no use if your ride is ALWAYS at the dealer.

Now, J.D. Powers and others are saying they are equal or superior to most Asian cars. Pretty impressive, but it has taken them 18 years to get here.

IMO, China will succeed if their government doesn't interfere (too much) and if a free market society is allowed to prosper there. But I wouldn't look too quickly at immature products for reliability just yet.
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