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For the Navigation system users out there: Do you find yourself doubting the Navigation System when they call out the directions?

Yes, even with the Nav System aboard my TSX, I STILL find myself getting lost sometimes. :rotz: But it's not the Nav's fault.

While driving into unfamilar areas, I either doubt the directions called out or feel that I can do better, only to realize that I should have listened to the Navigation System. (Note that sometimes the Navigation System IS wrong and fuels my stubborness to take charge at the next set of turns).

So far, I'm wrong 90% of the time, and the Navigation System is wrong 10% of the time.

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Actually, it's not uncommon that you can do better than the Nav.

But I've learned that when we're in any doubt at all, better to follow the Nav. :doh:

What is more common than me being smarter than the Nav, though, is that I misunderstand what the Nav is telling me to do. There have been few if any posts about this on any of our sites, but I'm sure this happens to everybody, no matter how smart we are or how much we're paying attention.

I would divide this into 3 categories:

(1) At complex intersections and interchanges as well as irregular "dipsy-doodles," sometimes the Nav really doesn't make itself clear as to what it wants you to do. And sometimes the indicated path is more like spaghetti than like an arrow.

(2) If you're not focusing intently on HOW FAR AWAY the next turn is indicated to be, you can easily do it too soon. Like, the Nav might be indicating that you have to take a fork to the right, and when you come up to a fork that looks just like what appears on the screen, you might take that fork -- even though the screen is also clearly showing that it's "800 feet" or "1.2 miles" until you're supposed to do it. To paraphrase those airport signs, "Many forks look alike."

(3) Sometimes the Nav just indicates the distance incorrectly -- I've seen it be off as much as 300-400 feet, although not often of course.

Oh, one other thing: As I've noted before, in stormy conditions the Nav sometimes seems to become disoriented.
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