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Post any of your dream cars or cars that look pretty daym HOT! hehe :grinno:

<img src="">
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I'm in love with this M5...I'll even take it with the funky vinyl stripes. Sure there's countless exotics out there but I would be happy with this.

I :luvlove: Sedans!!

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:eek:hsnap: I didn't know they were the same...get the Dart Rob and do the Fiat conversion :laugh:
Last week I met the owner of what I would call a\my dream garage. Mine would look pretty similar if I had the coin. All vehicles are insured\registered and driven. This is just 1/3 of the collection :eek:

13' M6 and Gran Coupe 650i

Black is a RHD Spec-V straight from Japan with few bolt ons, White one is also RHD with Alpha 9 package(Godzilla on steroids and Popeye's spinach)

The 2 GTR's, M6, Panamera Turbo, JDM Type-R hatch and RHD S2k

Da Murci Roadster...

Panamera Turbo with a few mods :luvlove:

Murci again...and RHD Type-R FD2 Civic

Car's over the Panamera are Evo 9's one is RHD both pack a mean punch

The yellow in the back right is RHD Type-r Integra

If I had to pick 2 it would be the White GTR and Panamera :drool1:

FYI The white Godzilla eats the Matte black Bull for breakfast :wizard:
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Wow that the guy you were talking about ?..... That right there would be how I do it if I had the $$$$, need to see this in person.
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That Panamera doe. Fuuuuuhhhck. That is deff one of my dream cars. You're a lucky guy just to be in the presence of all that greatness.
Yea felt like a dream walking into that garage. The fact that the owner is as humble as can be made the experience even better.
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