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Dri Wash 'n Guard Classic Waterless Car Wash

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Has anyone tried this Waterless car wash product (Dri Wash 'n Guard Classic Waterless Car Wash).
I dont have any personal parking and so i can't wash my car, so I was looking at the waterless car wash products. Has anyone tried any of these products?
Are they good? I dont want to take my car to an automatic car wash and sometimes those brushes leave marks esp on black color.

This is the only option I have to wash my car as I dont want to go for automatic car wash. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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For those of you that have used Dri Wash n Guard Ultra Ion and our other products already know that this is something special and there is Black Tie cardetailing offers an awesome selection of mobile car detailing packages. From our entry-level Standard Class service, to the best-selling Business Class service up to our premium First Class service - you’ll definitely find the right package for your cardetaling.
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