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Driving... where?

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Well, I am going to meet some of my friend and have a "slow" driving. Prorbably something like group drive. I was just wondering... are there any roads that's not too busy and can be considered "group drivable" road? I've been to US for group driving and it was perfect.. not so many cars, and quiet. We don't have anyone that likes to speed so I think it'll be alright.. :laugh: anyways, any inputs guys?
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what is the time frame u are expecting?

route that I usually go with my friends:

2nd narrow bridge ---> Horseshoe bay (sp?) ---> marine drive ---> lions gate bridge ---> burrard bridge ---> home
u guys really know how ot pick times....

cause the weather isn't exactly very forgiving these days...

sazabi's course is the "vancouver special" lol...
SAZABI said:
and the fun is in horseshoe bay... :police:

u mena north west marine right?
and don't forget to go up to sea to sky lol
The drive to MT baker the really nice just watch out for the 1000ft drop at the top.
Kanon23 said:
and don't forget to go up to sea to sky lol

yeah just becarfull
Thanks Guys ;)
I am not too sure what kind of time frame we'll be looking at, but it'll be next Saturday for sure. Now to pick a time.. lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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