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dying for a tsx

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Hi all. . I am totally new to this board and have been doing some light research on the tsx. I have totally fallen in love with this car. In the very near future i am going to buy a preowned. I am totally confused and as far as my research i seem to be only comfy with the 2011 base. The 09-10 models have had the brake issues. Can anyone help me out.. any model i should stay away from preowned? I really really want this car and don't wanna have a car that will end up costing me money. The nearest acura dealership is 3 hrs away from me.. so even under warranty ...i would hate to have to go in for service often. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)
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generally i'd stay away from 09. although my 09 doesnt have any of the problems other people experience, you may not be so lucky. i'd stick with at least a 10.
thanks Ed!!! What about the 2010's brake problems?? Should i be afraid of that model. I have read sooo much info my mind is totally boggled :p !! I am currently in an 05 altima.. So i am very anxious and excited for this upgrade !!! Thanx in advance
though our brakes aren't the best, there is a tsb where you can go in and get the brakes done under warranty.

or you can just change out to new ones of your choice haha. i mean they aren't too bad, just squeaks a bit (which i got it fixed at the dealer)
thanx Ed.. very cool of you to help me.. btw.. gorgeous ride :p
2010-2012 TSXs are awesome,good luck.

You will love it when you get one...
if its acura certified preowned 2010 have all the problems with the 10s been taken care of? thanx in advance?
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