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From the Heeltoe site:

"HT-Spec V2 Dampers; not the same as Function Forms!
Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Heeltoe recently introduced a new coilover system for Acura TSX and TL vehicles. And now, with the 03-07 Accord joining the lineup, we wanted to remind everyone that while they appear the same on the outside, HT-Spec damper kits are not the same as Function/Form kits!

In the past these two brands shipped the same, so we can see where some confusion definitely came into play. But now that the V2 kits are shipping with highly revised shock valving for improved ride and better steering control, the point needs to be driven home that indeed Funtion/Form Type-I and II kits will not “function” the same as specially tuned HT-Spec V2 Type-I and II kits.

We are going to be revising the packing materials to help reinforce this fact. For now, read up on all the details of the HT-Spec V2 damper kits on our newly freshened Heeltoe website :) "
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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