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Ecu recall

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My 06TSX was one of the tsx effected by the recall. My question is do I still have to buy an 08 ecu to tune it? Or did the dealer already put in a newer one?
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so they already did the ecu recall maintenance and now you want to know what ecu is in your car?

I don't know what exactly the recall maintenance consists of. Are they replacing all ecu's with new ones? are they just checking for water damage and replacing ecu's that look damaged? are they just adding water resistant padding with the ecu's that don't look to have water damage? Unless someone knows for sure, we are just taking guesses.

if you really want to know what ecu you have, I'd take the ecu out and see what the part number is.
I also got the recall notice in the mail, but I'll be damned if I'm swapping my Hondata reflash for a new one, unless they tweaked fuel economy or something, which I doubt. No way to tell if mine was affected, but it wasn't located a super moist part of the country and only had 35k miles on it when I got it. I'll take my chances.
Weird. My dealer offered to replace with a new ECU, and give me the Hondata one back.
Record shows the swap, and I would have an extra unmodified ECU. Turned out I didn't need it.
You still want to go in and let them install the shielding at least?

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There's a thread on this already, but the service includes:
-ECU check & shield installation.
-if ECU is damaged, you get a new one, plus an oil change.
-if no damage, ONLY the shield.

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