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ECU Tuning for 04-06!! by K-Tuner

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hey guys i just want to mention that now K Tuner has tuning capability for the TSX for all 04-06 6 Speed models for now! it is for now all motor applications and in about a month or two they will have the update available to run for forced induction. the price is only $649 and includes the ecu which is a direct swap with your stock ECU. the tuning for the Automatics will be available shortly after so i just had to share this with those who are not on Facebook.

Edit - since I cannot mention the company because they aren't a vendor in the forum according to the PM's i received, I have no issue and will comply. However you can check out their website or just google them on the web. It's not my fault that a tuning option was made for the 04-06 that was this simple.
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If you have a PND we have an option to enable reverse lock on the IMT output with just a checkbox. If you get one of our swap ECUs it has all of the outputs built in no matter what, including reverse lock.

I am going to buy a prepared 07 accord ecu from ktuner, the support guy told me I will have reverse lock, Is this true?how ca this be done? Please explain to me,I am good on electronics.

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