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ECU Tuning for 04-06!! by K-Tuner

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hey guys i just want to mention that now K Tuner has tuning capability for the TSX for all 04-06 6 Speed models for now! it is for now all motor applications and in about a month or two they will have the update available to run for forced induction. the price is only $649 and includes the ecu which is a direct swap with your stock ECU. the tuning for the Automatics will be available shortly after so i just had to share this with those who are not on Facebook.

Edit - since I cannot mention the company because they aren't a vendor in the forum according to the PM's i received, I have no issue and will comply. However you can check out their website or just google them on the web. It's not my fault that a tuning option was made for the 04-06 that was this simple.
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For the 07-08 flashpro is a no brainer. But for is 04-06 MT guys who can't find a 07-08 MT ECU or don't want to run a Converted AT this might be a good thing. I'm in for more info.
I'm pretty much set on this. Going to hopefully pick up a Injen CAI and RBC VTC really soon. Then get the Ktuner ECU on the way along with a eTune.
Should have everything set up within the next month and half and report back with my impressions.
Just need to decide if i want VitViper or Turbogixxer to do my Etune.
Be mind full of a few facts though:

Main draw back for me is the loss of CC. Also the immobilizer light will be on, but that's easily resolved by just syncing the new ECU with your immobilizer at a dealer.

What i really like(from the looks of it) Ktuner offers a reflash for 04-06 similar to the 07-08 Hondata reflash in which it's essentially a full 1 time tune flashed to a ECU, including changes to the VTC. I haven't come across a price, but id imagine its the same as the RSX roughly $300.
Awesome! Quick question I know it says the CC function might become available later on, is that a REAL possibility? If so, I'm assuming a software update would be released?

Also is the tuner able to pull/erase and disable readiness/CEL codes?
Are there any off the shelf ktuner base maps for a k24 + bolt ons? I looked on the ktunerr forum but didn't see any.
Does the ktuner software currently have any base maps files for a k24a2 or + bolt ons. I looked on the forum but didn't see any.
^They're currently working on FI support, as of the moment just NA is supported :
With the user end package you can make whatever changes and upload maps on the fly yourself.
Hey guys.

I have a Honda accord CL9 from 2007 Engine k24a3 (same as TSX 03-06) since mine is a year 07 does Anyone know if the k-tuner works on my car ?

My ECU no is 37820-RBB-E05 if this helps ?

Thanks up front.

Regards Ronni Opane.
You'll have to wait for the 07-08 flash release, since your newer ECU can be flashed via the OBD/ CAN BUS.

Those here with the K Tuner what are your thoughts as a DD with no VSA?
Hasn't affected DD ability at all, I drive 40-60 miles everyday.

And I wonder the same, whether the KTuner is compatible with Accord CL9 K24A3 2003?
My ECU is 37820-RBB-E02
Yes it'll work for you.
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