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ECU Tuning for 04-06!! by K-Tuner

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hey guys i just want to mention that now K Tuner has tuning capability for the TSX for all 04-06 6 Speed models for now! it is for now all motor applications and in about a month or two they will have the update available to run for forced induction. the price is only $649 and includes the ecu which is a direct swap with your stock ECU. the tuning for the Automatics will be available shortly after so i just had to share this with those who are not on Facebook.

Edit - since I cannot mention the company because they aren't a vendor in the forum according to the PM's i received, I have no issue and will comply. However you can check out their website or just google them on the web. It's not my fault that a tuning option was made for the 04-06 that was this simple.
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i'm just very excited especially owning an 05 TSX it is just very costly to get everything needed to run FlasPro and this just gives us another option. i've used K Tuner's product in the past and their software was just as good if not better imo. my car ran safely for years after being tuned and i was satisfied. i knew i just had to wait for K Tuner to be released for our cars and now i'm happy it finally is in the market. i'm finishing up some transmission work on my car soon and will pick up the ECU from Kenny at Turbogixxer Tuning.
i also forgot to mention that i will be working with Turbogixxer Tuning in setting up an appointment to get a base tune done on my car to provide some numbers and dyno graphs for the community so we can add that information for future K Tuner customers.
crix>You had NepTune before? That's awesome. Kenny is a great guy to deal with, so you're in good hands.

Thanks guys.
who in south florida doesn't know Kenny lol. i've never heard one negative word about him KTuner. Yes, I have used Neptune in the past! had my Integra powered by a H22A tuned on Neptune! amazing product btw!
I agree with this 100% unless someone already owns a 07/08 tsx this is the best choice for the 04-06 with out a doubt ...a simple plug and play ecu for someone who wants to tune their car ...I mean my tsx isn't a race car but who knows down the road but besides the fact unless i was able to get a 07/08 ecu for a crack head price ...there was no point of me getting it, I already own KPRO and kpro is 1,000 times better then flash pro....but this ktuner set the bar for the 04-06 cars...I am just happy to see there is another option for people who own the older TSX
i'm the original owner of my 05 and waited for this day. back when KPro was being released i was bashed in the forum about it because i was told i was telling lies but yet it was released wasn't it!? this is a great option for the tsx community since flashpro isn't for the 04-06 models and now that we will also have the option for forced induction as well shortly after the S2K is done we will hopefully see more performance again rather than stance in the community. i track my TSX so this was a big day for me to hear the news.
As expected I've been warned, so for now I'll have to refrain from posting. Hopefully I'll be back soon. :)
its ok, i was pissed that i got the message as well. you can find me on fb though. Avie Bhagwandeen and our fb page TSXClub FL. see you there!
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