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ECU Tuning for 04-06!! by K-Tuner

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hey guys i just want to mention that now K Tuner has tuning capability for the TSX for all 04-06 6 Speed models for now! it is for now all motor applications and in about a month or two they will have the update available to run for forced induction. the price is only $649 and includes the ecu which is a direct swap with your stock ECU. the tuning for the Automatics will be available shortly after so i just had to share this with those who are not on Facebook.

Edit - since I cannot mention the company because they aren't a vendor in the forum according to the PM's i received, I have no issue and will comply. However you can check out their website or just google them on the web. It's not my fault that a tuning option was made for the 04-06 that was this simple.
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wow!!! this is way cheaper then flash comes also with a ECU!!! so i guess no need for flashpro + 07-08 ecu.....I am down for this
Down the road...what if someone wanted to send you their ECU ....and you add the product to the ECU would the price be the same? or is the main profit coming from the ECU you guys sell?I mean either way its a GOOD deal ..
We have a Mac version in testing.

AT testing is going well so far. As mentioned we initially released for MT only.

As mentioned on the site your factory ECU cannot be used for the tunable system. We offer a replacement ECU that is different from your factory ECU internally and works with our hardware.

I'm happy to answer your questions, but please keep it to details about the system. Answering questions related to the pricing got us banned on another forum. As we grow we're looking forward to sponsoring forums like this one and don't want anything to jeopardize that opportunity.
Ok I am sorry ....just keep up the great work guys gave us HOPE ......and I don't want to see that getting messed up.
i'm just very excited especially owning an 05 TSX it is just very costly to get everything needed to run FlasPro and this just gives us another option. i've used K Tuner's product in the past and their software was just as good if not better imo. my car ran safely for years after being tuned and i was satisfied. i knew i just had to wait for K Tuner to be released for our cars and now i'm happy it finally is in the market. i'm finishing up some transmission work on my car soon and will pick up the ECU from Kenny at Turbogixxer Tuning.
I agree with this 100% unless someone already owns a 07/08 tsx this is the best choice for the 04-06 with out a doubt ...a simple plug and play ecu for someone who wants to tune their car ...I mean my tsx isn't a race car but who knows down the road but besides the fact unless i was able to get a 07/08 ecu for a crack head price ...there was no point of me getting it, I already own KPRO and kpro is 1,000 times better then flash pro....but this ktuner set the bar for the 04-06 cars...I am just happy to see there is another option for people who own the older TSX
I was thinking the same way, but the dealer told me they had an output to active the reverse lockout?
How to wire up Reverse Lock on PNF and PND ecu - .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

I am sure you can do it this way, or branch of the info but the concept is the same .....if ktuner has the same outputs then it can be done .....
Not the same at all.
I see on your site you have Programmable Outputs (4) listed....I mean that's what the guy did minus ecu pins being different no? because I know with stock manual ecu's that use 6 speed has the reverse lookout but for some reason this guy from k20a didn't have it so he made his own up.
If you have a PND we have an option to enable reverse lock on the IMT output with just a checkbox. If you get one of our swap ECUs it has all of the outputs built in no matter what, including reverse lock.
ahh got you.
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