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EDM Part Numbers for CL7/9 & CU2 (Rear fog for CU2 look here)

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  • Rear Fog (04-05): 34156-SEA-G21
  • Rear Fog (06-08): 34156-SEA-G51
  • EDM/JDM Radiator Cover (04-05): 71123-SEA-901
  • EuroR Grill (04-05): 71121-SEA-901
  • EuroR Grill Trim (04-05): 71122-SEA-003
  • EuroR Grill H Badge (04-05): 75700-S9A-G00
  • EuroR Grill (06-08): 71121-SEA-902
  • EDM Outer Tails (04-05): 33501-SEA-003(L)/33506-SEA-003(R)
  • EDM Outer Tails (06-08): 33501-SEA-J51(L)/33506-SEA-J51(R)
  • Honda Access Accord Side Step: 08F05-SEA-610
  • Euro R Gas Pedal Cover: 17800-SEA-R01
  • Euro R Clutch&Brake Pedal Cover: 46545-SEA-R01

  • Rear Fog (Left/Driver): 34155-TL0-G01
  • Rear Fog (Right/Driver *RHD*): 34150-TL0-E01 *Unconfirmed*
  • Honda Access Roof Rack: 08L02-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Accord Euro Window Visors (Different than USDM/JDM): 08R04-TL3-L10
  • AUDM Head Light Protector: 08P02-SEA-L00
  • AUDM Rear Trunk Rubber Tray: 08P11-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Tow Bar: 08H10-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Tow Ball: 08H56-UNI-L00
  • AUDM Door Handle Film Protector: 08P48-TL6-700
  • AUDM Bonnet Protector: 08P01-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Door Sill Garnish: 08F05-TL3-700
  • AUDM Sports Pedal Manual (RHD?): 08U74-TL3-700
  • AUDM Trunk Organizer Box: 08P10-BAG-L10
  • AUDM Cargo Hook: 08L96-TL3-700B
  • AUDM Storage Pocket: 08U12-TL3-700

JDM: Japanese Domestic Market
EDM: European Domestic Market
AUDM: Australian Domestic Market
USDM: United States Domestic Market
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I will add more later on.

Edit: Will be adding more CU2 Part Numbers. Stay tuned.
Added a hand full of ADM parts for CU2
Thanks. It would awesome to have pics under each item.
do you, or do you know of someone, have/has a contact in AU to buy AUDM parts?
(I remember seeing someone here in the forum being from AU)
Want to get my hands on the Rear fog For The Cu2
What's the difference between the outer tail lamps of 04-05 to 06-08?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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