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  • Rear Fog (04-05): 34156-SEA-G21
  • Rear Fog (06-08): 34156-SEA-G51
  • EDM/JDM Radiator Cover (04-05): 71123-SEA-901
  • EuroR Grill (04-05): 71121-SEA-901
  • EuroR Grill Trim (04-05): 71122-SEA-003
  • EuroR Grill H Badge (04-05): 75700-S9A-G00
  • EuroR Grill (06-08): 71121-SEA-902
  • EDM Outer Tails (04-05): 33501-SEA-003(L)/33506-SEA-003(R)
  • EDM Outer Tails (06-08): 33501-SEA-J51(L)/33506-SEA-J51(R)
  • Honda Access Accord Side Step: 08F05-SEA-610
  • Euro R Gas Pedal Cover: 17800-SEA-R01
  • Euro R Clutch&Brake Pedal Cover: 46545-SEA-R01
  • Rear Fog (Left/Driver): 34155-TL0-G01
  • Rear Fog (Right/Driver *RHD*): 34150-TL0-E01 *Unconfirmed*
  • Honda Access Roof Rack: 08L02-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Accord Euro Window Visors (Different than USDM/JDM): 08R04-TL3-L10
  • AUDM Head Light Protector: 08P02-SEA-L00
  • AUDM Rear Trunk Rubber Tray: 08P11-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Tow Bar: 08H10-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Tow Ball: 08H56-UNI-L00
  • AUDM Door Handle Film Protector: 08P48-TL6-700
  • AUDM Bonnet Protector: 08P01-TL3-L00
  • AUDM Door Sill Garnish: 08F05-TL3-700
  • AUDM Sports Pedal Manual (RHD?): 08U74-TL3-700
  • AUDM Trunk Organizer Box: 08P10-BAG-L10
  • AUDM Cargo Hook: 08L96-TL3-700B
  • AUDM Storage Pocket: 08U12-TL3-700
JDM: Japanese Domestic Market
EDM: European Domestic Market
AUDM: Australian Domestic Market
USDM: United States Domestic Market

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I will add more later on.

Edit: Will be adding more CU2 Part Numbers. Stay tuned.

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do you, or do you know of someone, have/has a contact in AU to buy AUDM parts?
(I remember seeing someone here in the forum being from AU)
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