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EKJDM's Ruckus Build!

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Well I just wanted to share what I've been doing. Stop collecting parts for the tsx and put it completely on hold for a while :mecry: But on another note i started a Ruckus Build here's some photos of how it's coming along.

2008 Ruckus. when i got it!

Torn off plastics and new look! Still wasn't feeling it.

Complete Rebuild!

And now a quick Mock up! finish product should be coming up quick.


Sorry mods I'm not sure where to put this just wanted to share with the TSX community =D.
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These things are cool!! Nice build!
Thanks sir! It'll be a sweet little ride when finish!

are those ccws?
Yes sir these are custom two piece CCW. 12x8 and 12x4 :)
sweet! how much do those frames go for?
The main frame anywhere from 400-600 with clean title rear stock frame 80.
Got The frame back from Powder Coating! Starting assembling.
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Update!!! Almost done I just need a couple more things should be in this coming week and she's riding ready!!! Input welcome!!
^yes sir! Had a shop do it for me custom two piece :)
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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