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Electrical issue - lights flashing, alarm going off

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2012 TSX Wagon, 4 cyl, 102K miles, usually problem-free. We watched The Shining last night and now car seems possessed. Drives fine, but sitting in the driveway with the key out and ignition off, the lights inside and out were going on/off, and alarm went off for the first time ever. I checked battery connection for tightness, then disconnected one terminal to stop the commotion. From reading other posts, tomorrow I'll check the fuses, ground cable to fuse box, and alternator. Any other suggestions?
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Update: Took it to dealer, they connected battery, alarm went off, and it generated a code about the driver's side door switch. They disassembled the door switch and it tested ok, but I had them replace it anyhow for $100 for peace of mind. Could have been corrosion or something due to moisture - we live in the PNW.
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