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All parts located in San Diego, CA. Prices are pick up only and firm unless otherwise stated.

1. ($100 for all 4) Used tires 2 have camber wear but will last 3-5 months maybe more if flipped. Other 2 are still good, one has a nail but holds air fine, can easily be patched 215-45-17

2. ($PENDING) 06-08 CGP A-Spec front lip, used and not in the best condition, but still rockable, no hardware, price is slightly negotiable.

3. ($75 for both) BNIB Rapid Cool Slim Fans

4. ($PENDING) Complete AccuAir/D2 Air-Ride Kit, view next post for detailed parts.

5. ($40) OEM S2000 Tonneau Cover

6. ($40) MISC Boost Gauge







additional parts not pictures
Weapon-R Race Header SOLD
2.5 Mandrel Single ES Tuning Straight Pipe - $150
04 SSM Rear Bumper (has mounting holes for euroR lip) $50
more to come...

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bump!!! thanks for reminding me, now i gotta check how much to ship the intake and ill lyk :)

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haha didnt think i'd get replies so fast! anyways here is the break down for the air-ride

Everything was purchased brand new from bagriders and took about 6 weeks to get

Accuair Switchspeed ECU
Accuair Switchspeed touchpad (anodized black)
Accuair VU4 Manifold
Accuair Wiring harness (manifold, ecu, touch pad)
Accuair 5gal Tank (has a leak at the bottom, can be welded shut)
Dual Viair 444c Compressors (Comes with extra leader line)
Dakota Digital Odyssey 1-Series
Dakota Digital Pressure Senders x5 (0-150 PSI)
SMC Water Traps x2
Inflation Valve Fitting
and.. D2 Air Strut complete assembly w/ 36 way dampening
All misc fittings needed to hook the air ride up

All you will need is...
I recommend getting the Accuair Digital Pressure Switch ($50 from bagriders) this switch will give you digital control of the pressure cut off and on point.
1/4" and 3/8" DOT approved air lines, bagrider sells them for cheap.

and just to let everyone know. I will need 3-4 weeks to prepare the kit to sell. I accidently cut the driver side front bag when I was taking it off the car :|, flat head went right into it when I was trying to pry one of the fittings off...

D2 told me approx 3-4 weeks to have the bag assembly replaced and the strut calibrated.

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Sorry if I missed but what are the size of the tires?
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