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Here's a fun way to start the Thanksgiving holiday.

I drove over 10 hours to get to my son's house in Charlotte (2012 TSX 4 cyl)

The thermostat didn't indicate an overheating problem, but when I parked in his driveway, I noticed fluid underneath the car.

The coolant tank wasn't dry, but it was below min. So I quickly drove over to Autozone and picked up a gallon of 50/50 type 2 coolant, filled it back up to halfway between MIN and MAX just so I can monitor it.

I didn't see anything when I got back, but I can hear a hissing sound from the left side of the engine. I think it could be a pinhole hose leak somewhere, and tomorrow (Thanksgiving) when it's light out, I'll explore a little further.

BUT in the event I find a problem, I'm hoping someone local can recommend an Indy shop I might be able to get into on Fri, since I don't have any tools other than basic hand tools to do it myself.

I expect that getting into the local dealer (Hendrick) on Friday will be difficult and probably expensive.... so I'm hoping someone could recommend a local Indy that I might get into on Friday instead.

If you know someone, please let me know....

Thank you in advance.

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