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-2007 TSX w/ 220k chassis miles
-Swapped 5spd accord tranny
-Swapped 05 TSX engine w/ ~ 85k miles
-A/C and fan issues were present before swap
-every other mechanical part of car is perfect now

Problem (Symptoms)
-No Power to A/C compressors
-No Power to either fan (condenser or radiator)
-Both fans and the compressor work fine when jumped directly to b+ and are brand new (literally never ran)
-climate control unit in car operates as normal (No flashing lights) controls heat, blower motor speed, and air path. Even shows A/C ON/OFF indicator when button is pressed

  • both in summer heat (70-98°) and in winter now (30-45°) compressor and fans dont run
  • no check engine lights (abs lights because there are no tail lights due to the car being prepped to be sprayed)
  • both low and high side hold pressure well statically (cant run it to see dynamic pressures) and are well above the low side pressure switch threshold (unsure if there is a high side switch)
  • receiving coolant temp data on dash and scan tool
  • unsure about the status of the second coolant temp sensor (called fan switch apparently) no corrosion on connector and no codes
  • when jumping the leads together at the connector for the low pressure a/c switch nothing happens, however when jump is removed (circuit broken) engine bogs a couple hundred rpms and has to come back up to idle(not due to compressor coming on)
  • 3 relays that seem to be ac/climate control/cooling fan related have been replaced and switched around many times and tested (no beans)
  • same 3 relays have been directly jumped (still no beans)
-What are the conditions that the computer wants to see and from what sensors before it allows the compressor to come on?
  • Are the issues with the fans and ac system likely the same fault, or is a fault in one (like the fans not coming on) inducing the other (no power to ac to protect it)?
  • do these cars have known issues in this category?
-what are my next diag steps?
-if solving this problem becomes too invasive (I.e. removing dash and center stack) what's the likely hood that the car will still be drivable without a working compressor (obviously wont have ac but neither did Eisenhower so I'll be okay, girlfriend is a different issue tho -_-) or fans?
-before the swap I had a pretty bad high side leak and went through 6 or 7 duracrap compressors before i found it, however, all of the sudden this electrical issue comes up. Its been 2 years since that, much of the time the car has been immobile without a battery. Ive fixed the leak thinking that was the issue, but nothing changed, could I have cooked something besides the compressor when that happened?

Thank you for any information here, really starting to feel overwhelmed with this issue.
Main priority is the fans but id like to solve the ac issue too. Anything including just some 2 cents would be much appreciated, really hit a brick wall now.

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Update, it was a little wire, god knows what for, about 6in out of the harness for the climate control box in the car that looks like it was rubbing on a bracket back there and eventually smoked itself after losing too many stands. Didnt know if it was a computer circuit so I butt connected it to be safe and everything worked perfectly after that. It seems that one of those zip tie wire keepers broke (most likely when my gorilla hands were goofing off back there as a teenager) and let it rub, just zipped it back into its proper place and shipped it

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