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Engine Oil Level?/ and Coolant

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So i'm having a slight issue, whenever i take a sharp turn or just a slight turn such as pulling in/ pulling out of the drive way, going up in car garage,I get the ENGINE OIL LEVEL LOW, now my oil according to my car is at 50%, i just added a QT of mobile 1 synthetic like a week ago, and i use 4.5 qts on oil change done 1000 miles ago (synthetic suppose to last 5000) so i shouldn't have low engine oil.


1.Am i burning oil at 56,000 miles?
2.What can i do to check if i can check if im burning oil?
3. could it just be a bad sensor? like the vtec soleniod or something??
4.why does it happen when making turns?

COOLANT ISSUE: I Smell coolant from my engine, i checked for leaks, NONE, i flushed added new coolant, still draining and coolant smell.
1. Where do i look if ive checked HOSES (top and bottom) and ive checked throttle body area since i did the TB MOD????

ANy help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated, ive searched on this topic before no answers, problem went away now its back :-/
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how could the gasket be blown, i dont abuse the car =/, coolant smell is coming from the area of the oem intake hose somewhat tbut i usually smell it like it i leave the car running while im at work waiting to go in ill open the door an i can smell it. so should i just do another oil change and monitor it?
NO oil pressure light, just one that say check engine oil, checked oil before work seemed ok, i had no emotion when the problem was gone im gonna take it to a mechanic and have them check it for me , other than that i guess ill keep updates if u can come up with any other solutions please keep me posted
thanks for the replies btw

Found that the Culprit is possibly a bad valve cover gasket....oil all around the valve cover so tomorrow i will take apart replace with new gasket and see if that fixes the problem while im at it i will do spark plugs and clean some of the engine bay so i can see if any oil leaks or w.e... if this doesnt work ON TO THE NEXT!!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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