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Engine Oil Level?/ and Coolant

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So i'm having a slight issue, whenever i take a sharp turn or just a slight turn such as pulling in/ pulling out of the drive way, going up in car garage,I get the ENGINE OIL LEVEL LOW, now my oil according to my car is at 50%, i just added a QT of mobile 1 synthetic like a week ago, and i use 4.5 qts on oil change done 1000 miles ago (synthetic suppose to last 5000) so i shouldn't have low engine oil.


1.Am i burning oil at 56,000 miles?
2.What can i do to check if i can check if im burning oil?
3. could it just be a bad sensor? like the vtec soleniod or something??
4.why does it happen when making turns?

COOLANT ISSUE: I Smell coolant from my engine, i checked for leaks, NONE, i flushed added new coolant, still draining and coolant smell.
1. Where do i look if ive checked HOSES (top and bottom) and ive checked throttle body area since i did the TB MOD????

ANy help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated, ive searched on this topic before no answers, problem went away now its back :-/
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The TSX does NOT have an oil level low light. It's an oil pressure light. If that light comes on your engine oil level is critically low.

You made no mention of checking your oil level with the dipstick.
Check the oil level with the dipstick every morning before starting it with the car parked flat.
This will tell you if the car is using oil.

As for your coolant level, is it actually going down?
Check the level every morning along with the oil level.

No emotion, just check the levels to see what, if anything, is going on..
This. Have seen many a D series Civic die...
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