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Etunez Review

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No other way to put this, Steve at Etunez is a true professional. A few weeks ago I purchased the K24 ultimate tune for ktuner from E-Tunez! ECU Tuning for Hondata, K-tuner, Cobb and more... The process is super easy and a lot of fun. Steve worked through everything super fast, Id send in a datalog and get a response and new revision super fast! He does a breakdown in the email of all the changes hes made which is awesome cause it helps you get an idea of what's going on and why its being changed. All is finished now and I couldnt be happier. My car feels amazing it runs soooo well. Throttle response is awesome I love the way it feels. Will definitely being going back to Steve with my future mods and I highly recommend you do the same you wont be sorry
5/5 star all across the board especial in customer service, super friendly and helpful

Definitely check out etunez if you are looking for a very professional and skilled tuner or even if you are just curious about the process their website is filled with Fantastic information

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Did they tune the part throttle maps, as well?

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