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Exterior or Interior?

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Have I been spoiled by the TSX? Say it ain't so!

I've been driving my TSX for the past 3 months or so but today I had to leave my car home and decided to drive my old car, a '95 Mitsubishi Galant. This is the same car that I loved before the TSX and took many wonderful cross-country trips with.

Well long story short, I couldn't wait to get back home and drive my TSX. It wasn't that I missed the exterior but I really really really missed the interior of my TSX.

Previously, the exterior was quite important to me when buying a car (75% exterior, 25% interior) but nowadays I think that emphasis has shifted to the interior (90% interior, 10% exterior).

Which is more important to you when deciding on a vehicle: The exterior or the interior?
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both is equally important to me but if i had to give one up for the other i would give up quality of exterior for interior
Neither, really. It's how the car drives and how the ride feels.

So I guess if I had to choose between exterior and interior, I'd say interior, because it's the only thing that affects how the car feels.

Except to the extent that the size of the car IMO is the one single factor that most determines the nature of the car, and I guess that's kind of related to the exterior.

So I would say interior and exterior. :D
Interior. Hands down.

Since I spend all my time IN the interior, it has to be just right. Not fancy but tasteful, smartly laid out, having good ergonomics, and quality materials and the buttons, levers, and switches must have that high-end solid, precision movement.

That's the downfall of some cars in or near the TSX's class.
-G35: Hard, cheap. (…and baby sister Altima: Super cheap)
-IS300? Busy; boy racer.
-Saab 9-3: Cold; too many, many, many buttons
-Any American make: forget it.
Glad to hear I'm in the majority.

More I think about it, I spend much more time inside the car gazing at the interior than standing outside gazing at the exterior.

Heck, worst case scenario, if the exterior looks like crap, I can at least wear a paper bag over my face or just not look at it when I enter/exit the car. If the interior sucks, it might be harder to deal with.
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