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hey guys,
i got a bunch of brand new rims and auto parts from this place that went out of business. they were clearing stuff out. basically i have Panther, Mazzi, Ion, ADR, MKW, ACE, and Pacer wheels that i'm going to sell for dirt cheap. 17'' wheel sets starting at $280. i dont want to take the time to type out all bolt patterns and take pics, post pics, if no one is interested. i also have one cwest kit, two HKS intakes, and one 5zigen exhaust... if you are the slightest bit interested, please email me at [email protected] with the sizes and styles you are looking for. please use this tool here: to let me know what rims you want, if you want a tire package, and let me know your location for shipping costs. I recommend you email me and not PM me, because I work at UPS and am working LONG hours because of the Xmas season. It's easier for me to sneak a peek at email rather than check this board for PM's.

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