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factory navigation system help

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hey guys im fairly new to this forum so please excuse my questions if they sound stoopid.
but anyways i currently own an 04 tsx but i regretfully purchased it without the navigation option and now i want one. theres a seller selling the stock navigation system on ebay and i was wondering if it would be possible to install the navigation system into my car. can someone please help me out.
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no reason it is impossible...I have seen this discussed several times...basically the conclusion is - COST-WISE, it is cheaper to just replace non-nav with a nav. trade in for a new or used one whatever.

Now on the technical side - like Noel said - it is a BIG job - I'd call it a messy job too. with NO WARRANTY.
larchmont said:
So.....what I don't get is these eBay sellers like what 1QT is saying.
There have been quite a few of those.
So if somebody buys it, what happens??? I imagine they just get stuck.
probly some electronic geek kid would get one of those and spend the next 6 months in the garage....
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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