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Fake Tein H techs / partshawk

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Has anyone bought any fake h techs. I just ordered some h tecks from a place call partshawk and there is a lot of negative things about them on the internet. The price was cheap $157 shipped and now Im afraid they are fake. There is an article on teins website telling how to tell fake coilovers but not springs. I would have been more cautious if I had ordered them from ebay but a web store never entered my mind to check beforehand. Have not received them yet but they have been shipped. I can refuse the item from fedex but I will have to pay shipping both ways plus 10% restocking fee. I am not sure if I should to take my chances with them or loose the shipping and restock fee. Any help will be appreciated.
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i'd go to the tein website and see if that vendor is an authorized dealer. or maybe cancel the order and see if will pricematch
Probrably legit

I just found out that these drop shipped from a legit distribution parts center. They are legit and the best price that I have seen. They were real good to deal with.
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