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First, I want to state that I have no problems with the FAQs already made by admins, but I think there are still one too many threads being created on just wheel size. I would just like to elaborate on the specs and recommending sizing for wheels on the TSX.

Here is Peregrine's tutorial (and really all the information you need on selecting a wheel/tire):

First, make sure the bolt pattern is 5x114.3mm (5x4.5"). There is no leeway or negotiating with this spec.

Second, is the wheel width and offset. I put them together because application varies depending on both specs. The general boarder line safety spec has been stated to be around 8" wide with a +40mm offset. Wheels with these specs are most likely to sit flush with your fender and not rub against you car. Now the wider wheel and/or lower offset you run is going to give you a great chance at rubbing.

Tip: It is very useful to know that there are 25.4mm in an inch. This allows you to play around with the borderline spec. But keep in mind that 9" wide is only .5" further out than 8" because the wheel sits in .5" as well. For example, say you want a 9" wide wheel. You are about .5" further out than the borderline spec, so you would need to make up roughly .5" in offset. To make up that width in offset, you would need +40mm + 12.7 = 52.7. Another example is say an 8.5" width. You would roughly need +40mm + 6.35mm = +46.35mm to be around the borderline spec. If your math skills are that poor, here is a calculator

You can go wider than the recommended spec, and you can run negative camber to help your tire sit within the wheel well, reducing the chance to rub. Many members on the club use camber to help them fit the wheels they really want. But just a warning that excessive negative camber (OEM TSX comes with a little) will cause your tires to wear uneven and prematurely.

The absolute widest/lowest offset I have seen on this forum has probably been around 8.5" wide with +32mm offset. That setup is about 20mm from the borderline spec.
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