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Fastline Catback Exhaust Resonated or Non-Resonated

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My CL9 build is coming along slowly and I'm planning on getting a catback exhaust next. I know a popular option is single exit exhaust and I was looking at Fastlines. Heeltoe has recently restocked them and they're readily available. I have AT and my engine right now is bone stock. My question what is the difference between the sound resonated vs non-resonated?

Also If there are any other exhaust systems you guys would recommend let me know.
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1st Gen TSX with an automatic transmission and stock engine...

Is this the exhaust system you are considering?:

It's a 3" single exhaust system for US$1000.

Unless you are planning to upgrade your engine for a ton more power, plus swap to a manual transmission, this is the completely wrong exhaust system for your TSX.

Unless your stock exhaust system is trashed or rusted out, just keep it.
There are no power gains with an aftermarket cat back unless you are making way more power.

A loud exhaust on a 4 cylinder engine with an auto trans sounds really lame...
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