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Fastline Performance Racing Spun Metal Cat Pipe, 03-08 Acura TSX/Accord Type-S 2.4L CL9, 250 cell count

* 100% full stainless steel construction.
* Comes with an integrated CEL eliminator -- NO DEFOULER REQUIRED.
* Comes with high end expensive machined flanges.
* Comes with 18-8 stainless hardware, metric thread and 17mm head size. 6 bolts, 12 flat washers, 6 spring lock washers, and 6 nuts 17mm.
* Allows fitment of OEM heat shields
A note on cell counts: It has become apparent there is a debate on how many cells there are in a Magnaflow metal core cat. Some say it is 200 cells, others say it is 300 cells. We can conferred with Magnaflow Engineers and have come to the conclusion that neither claim is actually true. Due to the concentric (circular) construction of the metal cores, the cells in the center are actually a different size than those toward the outside of the core. Also, due to the thin and flexible nature of the material used to make the cores, production inconsistency causes variable sizing. As such, Magnaflow largely advertises the cores as 200 cells while in reality many are closer to 300 cells. For this reason, we now claim a 250 AVERAGE cell count for Fastline Metal Cats using Magaflow cores! The cell count is relatively moot because no matter what the actual cell count is in an FLP core, it is significantly lower than that used in the OEM cat and will provide significant power gains even without tuning! Additional flow is provided by larger inlet/outlet sizes. BUY AN FLP CAT WITH THE CONFIDENCE THAT IT IS THE MOST WELL CONSTRUCTED CAT AVAILABLE FOR BOLT-IN TSX CL9 APPLICATIONS!
2.25", used, mint condition, GVRD only


FastLine Performance :: Fastline Performance :: Fastline Performance Racing Spun Metal Cat Pipe
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