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Few Sets of ULTRA BRIGHT reverse lights

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Got a few sets of ultra bright reverse lights for sale for the 1G TSX. I bought some for my cousins TSX and my friends TSX. My cousin traded her TSX in and my friend is thinking about selling his car so these are BNIB sitting collecting dust.

Bought them for $60, willing to let these go for $38 shipped.

Here is a video of them in action.

Please note mine will be much brighter. I have the 7WAT with a wider projector lens! I have HIDS in my own car (for reverse) and these are 85% as bright as the HIDS without the mess of wires or anything. These have built in heatsinks so nothing will melt or overheat.

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These are plug and play. Forgot to put that in the post, thats all the people in the PM wanted to know lol.
wish i could see this in person.. kinda worried the side projection isnt the same as regular bulbs
I sent you the money, did you get it? you told me it was the last one.
all PM replied if you want these take them if not dont PM me asking me 10 questions and "vanish"
Have you had a chance to ship mine out yet?
^^ Same question here.
Hey guys sorry about the delay I Pm you the tracking numbers :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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