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I got a chance to wash my TSX today and in the blinding sunlight I began to spot film residue on various places on my TSX.

(The film residue is a thin clear layer of plastic/vinyl applied to new cars to protect it during the transporation process and should have been completely taken off when the car is prepped for delivery. Apparently, the dealership didn't take it off completely, I must have missed it with my clay bar, and failed to notice it all this time while washing it. It's quite hard to spot it unless you look at it at certain angles with plenty of sunlight.)

The film residues that I have are very thin and small in size, usually hidden along creases, gaps between the sheet metal, and on inconspicuous places like under the door handles. It wasn't much work to scrape it off using my finger nails and I suppose there wasn't any damage done to the exterior by leaving it on there all this time.

Anyone else have/had this same "problem"?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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