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After 2 years, shes getting close to being "complete"

it started when i was informed that my is300 had a salvage title and it wasnt documented properly. Long stories short, my insurance company payed me back the amount i payed for it and i began searching for a new car. Being so depressed, my girlfrield did the searching for me and she found me a 2006 royal blue tsx in 6speed and navi included. At that point, i didnt care about the posting and all i wanted was another is300. I wasnt able to find another is300 that had everything that i wanted so i ended up getting the tsx. after 2 years ive spent a decent amount of coin on the car and i can honestly say that its one of the most reliable cars i have ever driven. Anyways enough about that this is what i spoiled her with:

-Euro R front lip
-Euro R sides
-A-spec rear
-Ap2 tips
-Work Varianza's 18x8.5 F & 18x9.5 R
-Work Lugs

-Cusco upper strut bar
-Cusco lower tie bar
-Comptech 22m rear sway bar
-Tein Flex coilovers
-SPC camber kit

-LED lights bla bla bla
-TB coolant bypass
-DIY intake mod
-black out chrome

-10" sub & amp

heres my story. :)

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looks nice, good job :)

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Damn car looks really nice in that colour.
How many km's do you have on her?

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Hmm, I don't know about complete. Because one mod always leads to another :D

Great progress though.
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