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Hey guys, I posted before that we should have a meet and this might be a good place for one! Even if there's only a few people, it will still be fun to meet some people down here since I still haven't made any friends :( But its okay, it's early lol I've only been here a anyone in the area that's free you have to go!!! It will be fun!!! Hope to see some TSXers there :)



General Points of Info

· ALL monies goto Charity
· BMS keeps nothing
· Last year raised $5,500!
· Everything is Tax-Deducible

Whats going on?

· Car Competion (judged by make)
· Dyno Competition
· Prize Giveaways
· Live Music
· R/C Car Drift Sessions on competition Level track (car show people get to drive them for free)
· Vendors Area
· Media Coverage
· Awesome chance to see different cars/people
· Avoid the Summer Sun!

Cars for Charity 2004
Where? -
Melbourne Square Mall
1700 W New Haven Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32904

When? - Saturday, August 14, 2004
3:00PM -10:00PM

How Much?
20 to Show
4 to Spectate
(All Proceeds goto the Charity, and are Tax Deductible)

Dyno Runs?
40 for 2 runs

The Charity?
Cancer Care Foundation of Brevard

A diagnosis of cancer changes lives forever and in many ways. Not only are those diagnosed affected, but also those who care for them. The body experiences changes that impact the mind and spirit. Roles change in the family and workplace and one's place in the world may never be the same. Many times these changes lead to financial stresses at a time when all one's energy should be focused on healing and coping. It is the vision of the Foundation to ease the burdens and strengthen the mind/body/spirit during this time of change for both the cancer survivors and those who care for them.

More info at...
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