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Florida Meet - Labor Day Weekend - I'm Organizing

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Hey everybody in the Southeast,

I'm new to the TSX world and am organizing a Florida meet if anybody wants to come. I'm a very organized person and I will be heading up this event. Barring an act of god, I'll be there. Here is the plan:

1) Interest: I will make a tally of who is interested and can realistically make it. I feel like a group of ten or more would be a success in my book.

2) Date, Time, Location: We will all then need to collectively agree on a date, time, and location. I'm flexible on the date. I just picked labor day because we would all have a long weekend and this should be enough time to get your scheduling straight. Any weekend would be cool with me. I'm leaning towards lunch time for the meeting time so we could eat lunch, chill a while, go on a cruise, then maybe post up for a while later in the day. I'm young; we could go out too. Location is obviously up for debate as well. I'm leaning towards Orlando because it would be the largest metropolitan city that has the most equitable drive between us NoFla people and the SoFla people. Tons of stuff to do. Once we agree on a city we can discuss venues.

3) Information: I will then collect everybody's contact information in order to give text/email reminders and updates. If you don't feel comfortable giving your phone number, email would be ok but not ideal. If you want to get in or back out late, you'd let me know. I'd update this thread of the list of confirmed attendees.

Then its basically on everybody to show up and have a good time. I'd be sure to take some pictures and upload them to the site. Post on this thread and PM me if you are interested. You don't have to give contact info yet if you want to wait until this thing materializes a little more. I have already had a handful of people who saw my last thread and are very down to roll out, send me their interest notifications and contact info so I think this thing is very doable.

Hit me up if you are down,

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Wife and I would be down, of course just a plain stock TSX but wouldn't mind visiting Orlando and meeting new folks..
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