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I have been feeling the inevitable need to move on from the TSX for the past year or so. I have done what I want to do with it, and life would be easier with a slightly larger (but still fun!) vehicle. I have my sights on a couple that are local to me, but the TSX will need to move on shortly before or after purchasing a new vehicle. Trading in just isn't worth it because my chassis mileage is 256k, they won't care about all the work I've put into it, and I'd have to swap a bunch of stock parts back in to make it even close to worthwhile. I'd much rather see this car go to someone who understands my efforts and will appreciate the car.
The car is located in San Antonio, Tx.
Issues are primarily cosmetic. Extensive maintenance records are available. I have owned the car for over 6 years and purchased it with 142k miles.

The bad:
256k chassis miles.

Paint that has been on the car 256k miles. Clear coat is peeling off of the roof. It is still salvageable but will take some effort to fix. Front end has some significant rock chipping. Scratches and dings as expected for this age and mileage.

Front left fender isn't quite color matched. This is from a couple years back when a lady sideswiped me. Instead of spending $2k on a perfect repaint of 1/4 of the car, I used the money to fix all kinds of other stuff. Paint to match fender doesn't quite match. I have a second one in the garage, never unboxed. It will be included with the car.

Front lower ball joints pop. They are Moog parts, I replaced them just a couple of years ago and I find it unacceptable they are bad already.... But I'm pretty sure they are. I've checked everything else there is to check in the front suspension and these are the only parts I can find fault with. Will be replaced before sale.

Some cracking on top sides of door cards from too much sun. I've been looking for a clean set but haven't found them yet.

Headliner giving up. Looking for a clean replacement and haven't found yet.

More if I think of anything....

The good:

Lots of TLC from yours truly. Everything works.
Moon roof functions flawlessly and doesn't leak.
No check engine light, VSA light or any other malfunction indicators.
Amsoil 5W30 XL for the engine.
Honda (Filtech) A01 oil filter.
Amsoil Synchromesh for the transmission.
Honda DOT3 brake fluid for clutch and brakes.
Honda PSF.

JDM K24A (12k since install)
Close ratio SI transmission with TSX 6th gear + 1-4 Syncrotech carbon synchros and OEM LSD (20k since install)
Comp Clutch stage 1.5 with 11.5lb flywheel.
EM2 Civic CMC and CSC.
OEM axles. (No vibrations!)
All motor mounts replaced within the last 25k miles.
Hondata reflash
2006+ intake piping, throttle body and manifold.
Manifold port matched to injector base, both pieces ported and polished.
Throttle body coolant bypass.
DIY cold air using stock airbox.
K&N drop in air filter.
Airbox cross bar delete.
Hondata Heatshield IM gasket.
Ralco OEM sized lightweight crank and PS pullies (have alt pulley but not installed).
55mm overrunning alternator decoupler pulley. (been meaning to make a thread about this)
All new AC components. New compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, every O-ring, and Schrader valves.
New Reman Denso alternator <10k on it.
New PS pump <10k on it.
New Denso radiator <10k on it.
New Serpentine belt <1k on it.
SergeBo header. (Test pipe is still brand new in garage, will include if wanted)
06+ Catalytic converter. (less cells than 04-05)
06+ OEM Catback. (slightly larger piping diameter)

Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension:
Tein Flex-Z coilovers with spring swap to 7k front, 5k rear.
TL-S rear sway bar.
Kosei K8R 17x8 +45 wheels.
Conti DWS 06+ in 235/50/17 which is slightly oversize to correct for speedo error from gearing swap. Speedo reads ~3% fast which is about what it did stock.
(Previously OEM 06+ wheels and tires, new setup weighs ~40lbs per corner and setup I took off weighed in at ~50lbs per corner)
Cross drilled rotors (can't remember the make)
Fairly new brake pads (again can't remember make)
Poly filled front compliance bushings.
Lots of new front end bushings and ball joints.

06+ steering wheel in excellent shape.
OEM shift knob in very good shape.
OEM non-nav head unit with 100% functioning backlights. (It took years to accomplish this)
All speakers changed to Alpine Tpye-S. Not audiophile grade sound (because it's a car) but sound is clean and has full range. Bass hits hard enough to make the rear view mirror unusable.
GROM audio USB and aux input.
All seats in excellent condition. The rear seats that will come with the car are actually still in my closet... (kids can't screw them up there :p )
OEM all weather cargo mat in the trunk.

OEM A-Spec lips and side skirts. (original to the car, so high mileage shows on front lip)
OEM A-Spec wing.
HIC window visors. (have rear window visor too but not installed)
Headlights resurfaced and covered with 3M film. (probably at least 30k since so film may not be in perfect shape)
Osram Cool Blue Intense low beam bulbs
Knockoff fog lights with OEM-like switch by VSA switch.
3000k LED foglight bulbs.
Mild fender roll to accommodate current wheel/tire combo.

More as I think of it....

I know the car is high mileage and far from perfect. I've put way more work into it than it's worth, but it drives and handles exceptionally.

Hopefully I'm not completely insane by initially asking $5500 as it sits.

Tons of misc parts are available to a potential buyer.

I am willing to swap certain items to stock, like wheels, header, etc to reduce purchase cost.

As unlikely as it may be, I will also entertain trades of newer, somewhat larger, manual transmission vehicles... with cash from me to even things out.

I can be contacted through PM here, or via text to
5one2 five2zero 09eight5

Pictures coming soon. Thanks all for looking.

VIN: JH4CL95834C010967
...and verification I own a dirty car...

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You need verification slip and vin listed please

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Updated the OP with more parts recently installed, etc.

Ordered Mevotech XXT heavy duty front lower ball joints, should have them in a week or so. I expect that issue to be resolved.

Also have a SergeBo reflashed ECU on the way to me. Just wanted to know the difference between his tune and Hondata's. Buyer will have the choice of SergeBo (no immobilizer) or Hondata (with immobilizer) ECU with the car. Both can be had for the right price but only one will be included with sale.

Still on the hunt for a clean headliner and door cards.

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Any more info on those lower ball joints? I went Moog when I did mine last time and I always thought aside from OEM there had to be other better options.

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Any more info on those lower ball joints? I went Moog when I did mine last time and I always thought aside from OEM there had to be other better options.
I'll let you know when I get the new ones in.
I swapped an axle a couple months ago thinking the popping might be coming from it. I was wrong, it's still present. With the knuckle popped free I tried moving the ball joint around and it was extremely hard to move... When it did move it was a sudden jump, not a smooth roll. Hopefully the new ones do the trick.
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