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Formula D Pictures

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Hey everyone! It was the shizz in case you were wondering. I used a rebel XT with a POS 18-55 lenses. Used bout 2GB

Long story short, don't let me grill at a meet, just make sure I bring it.

Ken Gushi, the guy we wanted to see.

Who needs it lol

Old Skool FTW!

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nice pics! definitely resize them though.

btw, if you're looking to upgrade lenses, I have a Canon EF 24-85mm USM f/4.5-5.6 for sale. good mid-range lens and an good-economical upgrade from the kit lens
Thanks but it's not my camera. I would resize but the site does it on it's own. Plus I always forget.
oh right. i removed the resizing option so i see largeass pics hehe
Nice man but i have to say 437 pictures that i uploaded on flickr will not go on this forum... its too much copying and pasting hahah...
I took about 750 pictures. I haven't really sorted them out, so perhaps 600.
Here's some more. If you want to see more holla' at me.

The 350Z from Rock* won. Tanner Faust, also one of the presenters on the US Top Gear.
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Not bad man 18-55 is still wide, but I prefer the nice zoom shots hehe =)

man did you bite the dust when those cars hit the dirt?
I was on top of the stands, still felt it.
Looks good! I like the close-up of the cars! :nod:
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