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Hey guys,

You're about to have a new avid member on your hands. Here's my story:

So I've owned a 2003 Silver RSX Type S since 2005 when I was a Junior in high school. Got it with only 19k on it. I babied that car for the last 8 years. Garage kept, strict maintenance schedule, washed and waxed weekly. Put in a AEM short ram intake, Greddy Evo 2 exhaust, headers, performance tires, and a hondata ecu. Had to replace the clutch once because I dogged it out when I first got it when I was a stupid 16 year old kid. Besides that I NEVER had a problem with the car. Never.

Last Wednesday I was driving home from work in a downpour (Florida in the summer) in heavy traffic like I had done a million times. The F350 with the giant ball hitch in front of me slams on his brakes and nails the person in front of him. I slam on my brakes and careen into the back on his truck with the ball hitch of the truck cutting into my RSX like a knife through butter. I didn't even touch his truck. The ball hitch stopped my car alone. I knew when it happened she was gone. Got out and took a look and the frame damage was obvious. Totaled. I was beyond bummed. It only had 120k and I was never going to sell it. It was going to be with me forever. She was gone in a flash.

Fast forward past the insurance BS (Nationwide sucks!) to the weekend. Went car shopping all weekend. Looked at 350zs, Audi A4s, and some Lexus'. They all drove like garbage and I was really not excited about the process like I thought I would be. I missed my Type S!

Went to the Nissan dealership where one of my best friend's dad works as the used car manager. He took me around the lot and I was certainly not thrilled about the used Nissans I was seeing. The final car he took me to was a somewhat familiar sight. The Nighthawk black on black 2005 Acura TSX. Great aesthetic condition, low miles (79k), clean car fax, one owner, florida car, mechanically sound (gauged from the test drive and personal/dealership engine inspection), clean interior, debagded, and 19" gunmetal gray premium acura rims. I was smitten. The thing that really sold me is that it drove like my Type S (it's auto, which is good because I'm tired of driving stick). Great handling and acceptable acceleration plus a little more torque. I also had the endorsement of my friend's dad who's house I have been going to since I was 16. He would never sell me a lemon. I fully trust him.

The sticker price: $13000 + $700 (TTT) + $700 (dealership fee) = $14400. My friend's dad drops the sticker price to $11400 and my tax drops to $400 with his personal friends/family discount. I also have no prior car purchases so my interest rate was going to be 12%. He gives me and interest rate of 5%. Sold.

Now it's time to introduce my new whip to me new fellow TSX enthusiast! Ill list the current mods/features and what I plan to do (which is minimal honestly). I'll also list a few issues Ive noticed. From RSX to TSX. It a more mature car for my old ass self (almost 26).

Current mods/features:
5 Speed Auto
19" Premium Acura Rims
Performance Tires
Looks lowered, maybe coilovers, can't tell, hoping you guys could.

Planned mods:
Short ram intake
10% window tint (nothing on the front two windows now, 15 on back 2 and rear)
Red brake calipers

Poor gas mileage (I'm probably at fault for this, lovin seat warmers)
12v charger/power sources don't work (probably blown fuses)
The bass gets very distorted with the bass up (I keep it in the negatives and it sounds good)

Gonna keep it mostly stock and keep it classy rather than aggressive. Don't get me wrong, love the aggressive looking TSXs. I just want to go the other route this time and keep it G.

Here are some pics! Lemme know if you guys have any feedback or suggestions.


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Welcome to the club.

Some tips and things I'm noticing:
-Your pictures are upside down
-Those wheels like acura/honda silverstar oem wheels and I'd guess they are 18" max, not 19's.
-To see if you have coilovers, you can look into the wheel well and see if the strut/spring looks aftermarket. OEM is just simple and grey/black
-Painting your calipers, let alone with the color red, is cheesy in my opinion.
-Your car does look slightly lowered. my guess would be springs on stock shocks or aspec suspension.

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Upside down?!

Thanks my friend.

Really? They look ok to me. That was a hassle uploading all those pics to a new post every time. Is there a way to upload a bunch of pics at once? I'm on an Ipad 2 so maybe that's my problem.

Oh great! I was wondering what their name was. And that's cool too.

Ill check for lowering springs when it quits pouring down here (which may be never)

Really?! Think so? I'd love to see some pics of TSXs with the calipers painted. You could very well be right.

And great I figured that. I think she looks great.

Idk if this new whip can or will fill the hole left by the departure of my RSX (the memories... So sad), but she's off to a great start. :)

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Anti-Gravity Yoga class came in handy for this thread :thumbsdow wait I mean :thumbsup:

Welcome! Nice looking NBP. Those are 17" wheels, not available in 18 or 19. Might be sitting on A-spec suspension.

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Ugh! They are fine for me! I don't get it. I sent some question to the webmaster about why my pics are upside down, why I can't add any pics to my photo album, why I can only add one picture to one post at a time, and why I can't start a garage. Im sure its because I'm on an iPad2 instead of a computer. Hopefully he gets back to me soon. I wanna get situated here.

Anyways, thanks BL. I'm glad to be here. I've been reading on here a lot and everybody seems pleasant and knowledgable. Can't wait for more.
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