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Hey all.

With my front bumper, some pins came loose on the passenger side and its totally disconnected. I bought some glue and that held it for a while, but it came loose and the bumper is now totally on that side. I feel like it will eventually knock the whole bumper off.

On the back bumper, I backed into a rail at my job and knocked a hole in it.

I have been wanted to add the special edition skirts to my car because I like how they look. After some research, I found a few bumpers but am having trouble finding exactly what I want. Some of the paint color names don't quite match up and I would hate to buy some parts and not have the correct color. I will send some emails and see what I can find out.

What I would really like is an aftermarket front and back bumper that is pre-painted orchid pearl white and some side skirt add-ons that are also pre-painted and look similar to the special edition version but cheaper. I called the dealer and they wanted 2k for the special edition add ons. That didn't surprise me but I was hoping to get the parts for around 1k if possible.

I was just hoping to see what experience other people had. I am not asking anyone else to search for me, just asking to share whatever results you have already found.
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