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Tip - if you're ever replacing the starter, and have the intake removed, DO replace the front engine mount at the same time. Probably not a bad idea to replace the thermostat as well (I didn't, because I didn't have one on hand, but wish I had). This way, you won't have to remove the intake a 2nd time in a year like I did. To be honest, the intake is not that hard to remove, but there's a lot of fiddling about with hoses and bolts and connectors. I actually dreaded removing the plastic splash shield from underneath the car more than anything (yes, you have to remove it to access the vacuum hose leading to the mount and to be able to jack up the engine using the oil pan to remove the mount).

I saw videos online of someone replacing the front engine mount on an Accord (with notes that the Tsx was similar) and they just used extensions, universal joints, socket and ratchet. Not sure if the TSX has less room than the Accord, but I can't even see the rear bolts and it also looks impossible (see last two pics below) to actually bring the mount up and out of the engine with the intake in place. I also removed the coolant bottle and the pass side cooling fan - easy two bolts and one electrical connector for fan.

Torque -
-4 bolts holding mount to frame - 40 lbf-ft (shop manual shows to replace them)
-Single bolt that goes through the metal bracket on top - 40 lbf-ft (shop manual shows to replace, and this bolt should be tightened first to the proper torque, then the two nuts holding the metal clamp on top should be tightened last)
-two nuts holding the metal top clamp over the mount - 58 lbf-ft (tighten last)

-all the nuts and bolts holding the intake on - 16 lbf-ft, tighten in 2 or 3 steps and in a crisscross pattern, beginning with the inner bolt. I did 10 - 13 and 16.

Anyway, some pics. The mounting bracket was completely broken off which explains the horrible vibration in gear at idle I was having. It's much smoother now, but I'm still going to replace the rear mount next weekend.

Last two pics are with it all back together and you can see that it would be impossible to get the mount up and out with the intake installed. There's just no room.

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