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Front Grill

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Does anyone know where to find other grills? I want to change mines! If you can please let me know, I'd apreciate it.
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Click on Sedan/coupe, then click on the AZECT next to the CL7/8/9 Accord sedan.

its a japan site selling them..
tsxclub said:
picture from that site.
Love that one!
yea kinda the altima look with it but i will for sure get that on my tsx.
woah ...that's pimpin'

kinda looks like a Peugeot or a MG
maybe it's got one too many horizontal lines ...still looks nice though
same grille on a satin

pretty cool (from same site as above) (satin)

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i have to agree on that one
yeah, where can you buy it? I want to get it now!
I saw the black grille with the "H" on the front of it i think that grill is pretty good looking. My only question does anyone know how that H is on there. I would prefer to put the Acura "A" on the grill. Would this work? THanks for the info.
Yes, I had talked to a guy at, and he had said that it is only screwed on from the back. However if you go to, you will see the grill without the "H". Unfortunatly the grill has a H outline for the actual emblem to sit on so parts will show through on the "A". I just ordered however the Euro R grill, emblem and rear emblem. I will try and shape out the H on the grill so ill keep up on what happens when i get it.
Any word on this? I'm wondering about the Type-R grill. I haven't seen a pic (must be around there).
Here is a picture of Euro R front grill.

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i really dont like that grill, too bling bling for my taste
is the azect grill in the first picture there available in the US just like the pic? Where can I purchase one?
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