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Front Left wheel noise

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Everytime i go over a speedbump at a slow speed i hear a thumping sound, any ideas? Control Arm? Shock?
Car has 5k miles on it, 3 months old
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Some questions:

(1) Is it really just on one front wheel and not the other?
If so, definitely something wrong.

(2) Did it just start recently, as opposed to having been there from the beginning/
If so, definitely something wrong.

(3) We all get a "thump" when going over speedbumps (or even any kind of significant bump, like expansion joints)..... but, depending on what you mean by "slow speed" -- like if you mean just a few MPH, it shouldn't be happening. Otherwise it might be just how the car is. Also depending on what exactly you mean by "thump" -- maybe you mean something besides the normal one.
netoperek said:
By slow speed i mean the car is just rolling about 5mph, i had this since the beginning.....
I'll try to remember to check it out on my car.

We'll probably have to get back to what you mean by "thump." :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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