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Front License Plate Holder Paint Protection

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hey guys.....
are you living in a area where the law requires you to run a front license tag?
well, whether you know this or not, the holder for the TSX has a design issue where the top part of the license plate holder rubs of the paint from the front of the car due to engine vibrations
this DIY will show you how to prevent just that

so without further ado.....

Free - $15
(Mainly the cost is from the cd's and the glue)

Tools Needed:
1 Acura TSX
1 Tube of Super Glue (Krazy Glue, Gorilla Glue, etc. Just make sure it doesnt melt plastic)
1 Blank CD Roundel (The kind that you buy from Office Depot, Staples, etc.)

Take the foam piece used to protect the blank cd's out

Glue the top end of the foam to the top part of the license plate holder

Once the top piece is dry glue the other sides down

Glue the sides down

Completed Project:

this DIY has lasted me months through daily driving and car washes so....
enjoy! :mardi:

P.S. and yes, i know my camera work is a little shaky.....
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gmchu said:
I just took off the plate altogether
For some its illegal not to have the front plate like me.. damn..
I think you can just zip-tie it to the lower grille. I've seen many people doing that and so far, no cops hassle them. AS long as your plate is parrallel to the ground, it should be ok.
yeah i roll with no front plate :wall:
Good idea but I wanted to put my license plate below the bumper for a "cleaner" look. I fabricated a piece of sheet metal and bent it like this
[| \ <---sheet metal "bracket"

to use the original screws on the bumper. It took me a couple of hours to measure, cut it and bend it to fit. The [ is the license plates. Ignore the two periods on top, my ASCII art sucks.
gerardo said:
yeah i roll with no front plate :wall:
ditto :naughty:
Jays98cobra said:
ditto :naughty:
just think you will only have to basically have you front license plate on one day in the next coming 4 years and then every other year. be on the look out friday afternoon until the 16th for plain and simple. dumb question: by some slim chance do you know why is mugsy's closed. also you ever tried surf taco
Nice mod!

Why didnt u tell us this earlier? My front has been damaged due to either someone hitting my front or me hitting something haha

This should be moved to the DIY section and stickied.
This is a good idea, too bad its too late for me as well. When I was taking the stupid dealer plate covers off I noticed how the plastic rubs the paint. When I wiped the dirt away I noticed paint that was rubbed off. :(
haha i didnt tell anyone about this earlier, but that wuz cuz i had to test it first.... whats the point of having a diy that doesnt work? :slap:
VorteC said:
it's already too late for me.
well, maybe someone will sticky this in the diy section so it wont be too late for the new guys.... :naughty:
no damage from the license plate yet...
shouldn't this be moved into the diy section? I didn't find it anywhere in that section.
hey looke.. this things still here
the DIY still works for me... hasnt damaged the bumper yet!
deff to late for me!
This DIY relies on the type of CD package you get. All CD and DVD packages I had or have only had hard-plastic rings, which really won't do. But it's the idea that counts. You can put anything in that groove. I'd actually suggest getting a piece of window insulation foam strip, since it already comes with adhesive, but you can use anything you can come up with that's made of foam or soft rubber. I wouldn't suggest styrofoam, though, because that's too hard and may rub on paint with time.
But like I said, it's the idea that counts, so I'll add it to the DIY/FAQ Menu.
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