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Front shock/fork area, design question with Koni

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look at the picture of the front shock, don't you think there is a problem with the Koni's design? * the shock tube body is like a straight rod with same diamenter. don't you think the shock will potentialy slip down and hit the axle??

with the other manufacturers, their designs are like very secure because the diameter on the bottom part is larger than the upper, therefore not going to slip down and hit the axle

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Look closely and you will see a small edge. Also you have to torque down a bolt on the fork to hold it on the shock.
Funny, but mine had a band there with a wedge to place in the fork too.
My Koni's HAD(**) a welded-on band of metal about 1/4 of the way around. On that was a tiny tab that you use to align it into the gap in the fork. Simple.
There's also a dimple below that where the pinch bolt (goes through fork) goes, to prevent the shock from rotating, or, slipping downwards.

** --> Hit a HUGE pothole and sheared one of these off. Pinch bolt must have been a slight bit under-torqued, as the shock slipped down about 1". I noticed the problem whenever I turned - tires would scrape the fender liner! Simply had my buddy at the shop loosen the pinch bolt, pry the shock back up, and torque that sucker back down. Been fine ever since even without that tack-welded band of metal used for aligning it...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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